October into November in the garden and on the allotment

from Sarah Booth at sportsmanscorner, 2019

sportsmanscorner garden_allotment October into November 2019
Cane+Rush at sportsmanscorner

Moving quietly through late Autumn, putting the garden to bed for the winter months ahead, a weeping beech and a Kolkwitzia amabilis 'Beauty Bush' in glorious colourways of ambers, golds and deep russet reds, fungal wood pile ready for compost, water birdbath table topped up for thirsty garden wildlife, flourishing Autumn fungi in all shapes and sizes, final harvest of Bolthardy beetroots ready for pickling in Apple Cider Vinegar with Juniper berries and a dash of ginger, spiked leaves of the acer enjoying the late Autumn sunshine, bright red autumn berries nestled amongst the glossy dark green leaves of the deciduous cotoneaster shrub, all in the garden at sportsmanscorner and on the allotment close by.

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