June/July in the garden and on the allotment

from Sarah Booth at sportsmanscorner, 2020

sportsmanscorner garden_allotment June_July 2020
Cane+Rush at sportsmanscorner

Easing out of lockdown and with a mixture of typical summer weather. White and purple Canterbury Bells staked up in cane and willow obelisks against the wind and rain. Small pink Geraniums enjoying the sunshine when it appears. White scented Philadelphus giving off its delicious scent after a summer evening rainfall. Superb salmon pink and yellow roses against a green backdrop. Blackberries starting to appear, artichokes leaning towards the sunlight and red gooseberries ripening nicely. Purple Hebe pronged flowers, old fashioned soft pink roses and Holly Hocks beginning to form their buds, all in the garden at sportsmanscorner and on the allotment close by.

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