April in the garden and on the allotment

from Sarah Booth at sportsmanscorner, 2020

sportsmanscorner garden_allotment April 2020
Cane+Rush at sportsmanscorner

Spring still bravely skipping through April despite the 'human' lockdown. Soft pink blossoms on the apple tree against an azure blue sky, white and Blue Bells nestling underneath the shade of the elegant Soloman's Seal. Setting sunsets disappearing behind the spinney. Healthy Hostas, delicate pale blue Forget-me_nots, wild Cowslips on the allotments. Soft mauve pompoms on the Chives in the vegetable patch. Alpines on display in an old recycled sink amidst various pots on the terrace. So much to look forward to in the garden at sportsmanscorner and on the allotment close by.

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