Cane wicker swing shoulder bag

from Sarah Booth at Cane+Rush at sportsmanscorner, 2019

Cane wicker shoulder bag from Cane+Rush, at sportsmanscorner, 2019

Cane wicker swing shoulder bag from Cane+Rush at sportsmanscorner

Cane+Rush at sportsmanscorner

Cane wicker swing shoulder round bag from Cane+Rush at sportsmanscorner. Using Rattan centre cane (sometimes known as core cane or peeled cane (Rotan Palm) from South East Asia) for all types of wicker basketware. With No 10 cane for the main stakes of the slaith base and No 8 for the by-stakes of the slaith base and sides. No 4 cane was used in the weaving (pairing, waling/upset). Handles: The long crossbody handle can either be in suede or a twisted Dutch rush plait. Shorter Dutch rush handles (hand twisted and plaited), single or doubles are also an option. Tassels in matching Dutch rush will be available. Studs for base. Each bag will be Artisan/individually handmade by myself. I used chair seating cane for the final stitching of the bag. Sizes are approx. Width 8" / 204mm; Height 8" / 204mm; Depth 2.5" / 64mm. Please visit my pinterest boards using the above link for a selection of images showing alternative handles and materials. POA. For any custom requests or commissions please  email me  or visit my Etsy online shop IntheBlackShed.

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